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DUSKMORTYM - One Night over the Baltic...

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A hybrid of epic and classic heavy metal, meeting a panoramic soundscape of classical and environmental ambience. For those with a love for "Defenders of the Faith" to "Painkiller"-era JUDAS PRIEST, the medieval ambience of early MORTIIS, and traces of Eastern European folk and classical movements lauding PROKOFIEV - you will not be disappointed.

Track List:
(I.) As Night Embraced the Baltic... (7:34)
(II.) Great Forests of the Snow Owl, or Diana Spies Past Stormy Passage of Oboe and Violet an Empire Shining in Hungary with Blue Mountain Gaze (7:49)
(III.) The Fascist (5:53)
(IV.) Battles in the Balkans (In Chests of Alpine..) (7:09)
(V.) Intermezzo (3:23)
(VI.) Erebus Over the Sun (..Venice in Red Fatigue) (4:24)
(VII.) Transfigured in a Throne, or a Painting of Moreau with Ivory Bodies in Flush Gold Sky and Lightning Dawn of Kali Consecrating Semele (4:46)
(VIII.) The Empress Running in Greaves Through Pine with Carpathia by Her Side... (6:12)
(IX.) Nasturtium Blue (2:35)
(X.) A Procession of Nymphs (4:48)

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